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Infinity Lifts Ireland is the leading independent Wheelchair Lift, Escalator and Moving walkway company in Ireland.

Infinity Lifts will bring you on a journey that provides you with the best quality solutions in Lift, Escalator, and Moving walkway installations, maintenance, repairs, and modernisations.

We pride ourselves on our professional, friendly approach and long-term commitment and alliance to our customers.

Infinity has the knowledge and experience you can rely on.


  • 750 and 1,000 lb. rated capacity
  • 5 stops with up to 15 metres of travel
  • Any cabin size that you want up to 15 square feet
  • 80″ cab height (92″ clear overhead required)
  • Cab entry/exit: same side or walk through
  • Variable speed valve with Soft Start/Stop (36 fpm nominal)
  • Self contained submersible hydraulic pump and motor
  • Emergency alarm and stop buttons
  • Emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering


Up to 454kg
0.15 m/sec
Fully automatic
To 15 metres
Cabin Size:
Fully adjustable up to 15 square feet
210 mm

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